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According to Chapter 29B of the Code of Laws of the State of West Virginia, the government must be a servant of the people, not its master. Following that principle, all government records are to be made public. This includes criminal records, excepting those records which may contain information that could jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation or endanger the lives of the subjects of the reports if made public. This means that performing a criminal background check in the State of West Virginia is a fairly simple task.

Traditionally, institution of managing and handling all sorts of criminal reports was the Criminal Identification Bureau, under the West Virginia State Police. This has changed in the last few years, as the State is putting its trust on the private company MorphoTrust USA. All criminal background check requests from private citizens, private or public institutions, or law enforcement agencies must go through their system. In order to perform a criminal background check in the State of West Virginia, it is necessary to book an appointment at any office of MorphoTrust USA by visiting their IdentoGo website or calling them on the phone. It is possible to perform checks by name or by fingerprint. Name checks are bound to return multiple results and they may be inaccurate. If the requester is asking for the criminal background report of a third party, they must provide an authorization signed by the subject of the report. When going to the offices of MorphoTrust, it is essential to bring along all the documentation and forms provided when booking the appointment. Failing to meet this requirement will result in the rescheduling of the appointment. To learn more about MorphoTrust USA, visit their IdentoGo website.

West Virginia Department of Corrections has a very handy and efficient online Offender Search Tool. This search engine allows the user to locate inmates by name or by Department of Corrections ID number. Name searches require at least the first three letters of the first and the last names. The returned results are clear and comprehensive records that include a mugshot of the offender, date of birth, physical description, inmate location, parole details, projected release date, as well as a list of offences committed and court orders. This search engine only returns results concerning subjects currently under the supervision of the West Virginia Department of Corrections, including those on parole. Subjects who have already been released, or transferred to an off state correctional facility for any reason will not show up in the search. Check out the West Virginia Department of Corrections’ website to look up their search engine.

The West Virginia State Police manages the State’s sex offender registry. The registry has a strong online presence, with a powerful search engine that allows the user to search offenders by name, location or Internet aliases or email addresses. The returned results are very complete records that include the picture, name, date of birth, address, employer address -if available- and a list of the offences committed by the subject. The list of offences gives away relevant information such as the age of the victim and the relationship between the offender and the victim. Visit the West Virginia State Police’s website to check out the West Virginia sex offender registry.

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