Arkansas Criminal Records

Search for state, county, and municipal criminal records in Arkansas.

Criminal Records Search

Think about getting Arkansas criminal records if you would like to find out more information about certain issues. This may be important for advocacy or lobbyist groups who want to initiate a particular change in their community. You may be impressed by the information that you can get when you just take a look at these statistics. Some people might be wondering what sources of information will be the most reliable. There are quite a few different sources on the internet for these data. Don’t be afraid to utilize multiple different sources, since this could help make a more compelling argument for the issue you want to support.

Arkansas Crime Information Center

Contacting the Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC) may be one of the best ways that people can get the information that they may need to see. This is the primary source for crime statistics throughout the entire state. You may be interested to read some of their reports to find out what kind of crime is happening throughout the state. This can yield some useful trends that have been occurring recently, which can be vital information for advocacy groups. Read through these reports to see if you can expect any information from these sources soon. For example, you might be interested in seeing a breakdown of the age and race of the roughly 19,000 persons that were arrested recently in Arkansas.

Uniform Crime Reporting Program

The uniform crime reporting (UCR) program is one that has been recently unveiled through this state. These will be statistics collected by uniform police officers on criminal activity that has been noticed. There are a number of people who will trust this information over many other sources out there. You can rely on these Arkansas criminal records to give you a clear picture of how this state tends to arrest certain individuals for different crimes. Though the interpretation of these data may change, it is still important to have a clear cut understanding of these facts.

Valuing the Different Crimes

There are also many property crimes that tend to occur throughout this state. Like all others, thefts and robberies are a common occurrence for many people. It can be useful information to understand how much has been stolen at different intervals of time. Some insurance agencies may need to use this information to determine some of the actuarial tables they have. This can help them determine how much they should charge businesses in an area if they need to be insured against these crimes. All of this is vital information that can be gleaned from these different tables on Arkansas criminal records.

Sex Offender Registry

Many people will also be interested in checking out the sex offender information that is published through the ACIC. This is useful for law enforcement agencies and families who may be concerned about the presence of these offenders in their community. The state actually requires offenders to register through this system as part of their terms of release. The ACIC also publishes guidelines on how this kind of registry information can be used by different organizations out there. Think about incorporating this information if you need to find out about local sex offenders in your area.

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