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Search for state, county, and municipal criminal records in New Hampshire.

Criminal Records Search

The Department of Safety of New Hampshire is responsible for seven different divisions, including the division of State Police. This is the place to go in order to perform any kind of criminal background check in the state of New Hampshire. The Criminal Records Unit of the New Hampshire’s Division of State Police offer the users a wide range of ways of performing background checks.

All background checks realized through the Criminal Records Unit, must be made by using a fingerprint card. This unit accepts both electronic and inked fingerprint card, providing a conversion service in case the fingerprint cards must be sent to the FBI. Since March 2012, the processing fees have been revised, making them cheaper.

Still, the Criminal Records Unit charges high fees for background checks, and the website of the unit is not so clearly set up. Every department has a separate background checking process so, if the user wants to perform a background check through the Board of Nursing, they must get the authorized fingerprint card from the Board of Nursing, fill out the form, notarize it -this can be done by a Justice of the Peace or a Notary Public- and return it to the Board of Nursing. The background check has a fee of $51.50 for inked fingerprint cards and a fee of $41.50 for electronic fingerprint cards. Following a similar process, it is possible to release the user’s own criminal record to a third party by paying a fee of $25. All of thess transactions must be made either personally or via mail. For more information, check the Criminal Records Unit website.

Looking up the New Hampshire’s DOC (Department of Corrections) is another way of performing a limited background check. The DOC’s website includes an inmate locator. Using it, it’s possible to look up any individuals who are currently under custody of the DOC. However, the search engine is not so powerful, and the information returned is not complete. The user doesn’t have access to the criminal records of the inmates, but to a brief explanation of who they are, where they are, and when can they be out on parole. There is no information regarding the reason why they are under the DOC’s custody or any physical description. The results of the search are, indeed plagued by small errors and bureaucratic inaccuracies that makes the whole background checking task very complex. You can search for inmates at the DOC website.

Even though New Hampshire’s Division of State Police and Department of Corrections are not so keen on sharing information of their criminal records archive, New Hampshire’s sex offender registry is surprisingly open and easy to access. This registry is managed by the State Police and it is easily accessible online. The search engine returns fairly complete records on the sex offenders. This records do not include the entire criminal history of the offenders. It only includes sex offences committed in the state of New Hampshire. You can search the sex offender registry at the State Police website.

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