Indiana Criminal Records

Search for state, county, and municipal criminal records in Indiana.

Criminal Records Search

Officials throughout the state of Indiana will be interested in seeing how they can get the support they need to review policies. This will invariably involve looking at some recent Indiana criminal records. There are some people who will be interested in trying this for themselves sometime soon. If you haven’t found the right support yet, think about searching through some of these statistics. You may be surprised to find that the state actually carries some in depth statistics for its citizens to use. This may be appealing to some advocacy groups and lobbying agencies, who will want to demonstrate whether or not a law has been effective at reducing crime.

Indiana Criminal Justice Institute

First, you should take a look at the records that have been maintained via the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI). They help to collect uniform crime report data throughout the state, which provides a look at many of the arrests and criminal behavior that have been seen per year. This agency partners with the FBI to help generate comprehensive statistics about the crime that goes on in the state. Researchers can trust the ICJI to help formulate objective facts about the nature of crime in Indiana. This can be very valuable to a number of groups out there, who may be interested in trying this out sometime soon.

Breakdown of ICJI Publications

The ICJI actually publishes quite a few helpful statistics about the different crime rates that occur throughout the state. This can help interested parties who may want to find specific information on a number of important issues within a state. For example, the ICJI publishes a report on current trends in identity theft that have been happening recently. In 2010, there were 385 reported cases of identity theft throughout the state of Indiana. This can let officials know whether efforts to curb identity theft have been working within the state. Read through some of these Indiana criminal records to get some more information about how this can work for you.

Victimization Report Records

Some officials may also be interested in reading the summation of victimization reports that have been issued by the ICJI. This is a summary document that gathers together some of the most essential facts about Indiana criminal records. Many officials are interested in reading a condensed form of information that can help people form accurate opinions on the effectiveness of trends. Read through these documents to get briefed on what you may need to know about some of these issues.

Background Reports

Some organizations may also want to take a look at individual criminal record histories that are available online. These are records that catalog the different crimes that were committed by individuals over the course of a specific time frame. If you haven’t yet found the right support for your search yet, try to use the database that is managed by the Indiana state government. They do require a basic screening process, but it may be useful for some employers out there. They may need to review an applicant’s file to make sure they would be a good fit.

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