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According to the Public Safety Code of the legal code of the State of Utah, public safety records, including criminal records, can only be accessed by agencies or individuals specifically authorized by the pertinent judge or law enforcement agency. In other words, the policy about criminal background checks in the State of Utah is not so open.

If an employer wants to perform a criminal background check on an employee or on a candidate for a job, they must receive authorization from a judge or a law enforcement agency, and have a legitimate reason to request the background check. The subject or subjects of the check must sign an authorization, allowing the requester to look up their records. In case the authorization is not signed, the subjects of the reports will be notified on what is happening, who is requesting the check and how the information contained on the reports will be used.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation, under the Utah Department of Public Safety, is the place to go when requesting criminal records in the state of Utah. If the requester wants their own personal criminal record, they have two options. The first one is going in person to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, with a valid ID, and pay a $15 fee. The same process can be made via mail, filling out the form provided at the Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s website. If the requester is asking for criminal records of their employees, and if they have the appropriate authorization, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation will also be the institution that will handle those reports.

The Utah Department of Corrections has an online Offender Search tool, that allows the user looking up for inmates in the area of Utah. The search engine is simple and clear, allowing searches by name or prisoner ID. However, the returned results are very limited, providing only a list of known aliases, date of birth, offender number, height, weight and gender of the offender. The records do not include picture, information about the offence committed, parole information or information on conviction or release date of the offender. Learn more about the Offender Search tool of the Utah Department of Corrections at their website.

The Department of Corrections is also in charge of managing the sex offender registry of the State of Utah. This sex offender registry is called the Sex & Kidnap Offender Registry, and its website features a powerful and easy to use search engine. The online tool allows the user to search by geographical area, by name, by city or just to check out the list of non compliant sex offenders in Utah. The returned results are very complete. The records include name, known aliases, known addresses, owned vehicles, date of birth, physical description, scars, tattoos and body marks, registration number, picture, offences committed and date and place of conviction and release. It also includes a link to a map, indicating the location of the offender’s main address. The Sex & Kidnap Offender Registry of the Utah Department of Corrections can be found at this website.

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