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Search for state, county, and municipal criminal records in New Mexico.

Criminal Records Search

In the state of New Mexico, performing a proper criminal background check is a tricky task. As it happens in most states, it’s possible to look up the official database of the Department of Public Safety, specifically of the New Mexico State Central Repository for Criminal History. This institution will grant access to the personal criminal records of the requester, or handle those records to any pertinent authority. However, civilian third parties are not allowed to access those records.

The Central Repository of Criminal History maintains and manages the records regarding felonies, misdemeanors and DWI offences. Any particular citizen can request a copy of their own records by filling out an Authorization for Release of Information form and pay a fee of $15 to the Department of Public Safety. In between one and two weeks after presenting the form and paying the fee, the requester should receive their records via mail. If the requester needs a Police Certificate of Good Standing (generally needed for immigration purposes), the total cost of the certification and the background check is $33. To know more about the Central Repository of Criminal History, visit the Department of Public Safety.

There is a different way of performing accurate background checks in New Mexico. The website of the Judicial Branch of New Mexico, New Mexico Courts, features a case look-up search engine. Using this tool, it’s possible to look up any cases processed by New Mexico Courts. The returned reports reflect actual cases, with a detailed list of hearings, a register of actions activity presented event by event and a list of parties involved in the case. These reports don’t conform a criminal record in any way, but they contain the necessary information to configure a criminal profile. It’s important to take into consideration that the reports don’t give away any kind of physical description or picture of the accused, so performing background checks using this tool exclusively is risky. To access the database of New Mexico Courts visit this website.

The New Mexico Corrections Department’s website offers an inmate search tool, which can be used as a way of performing background checks. This search engine gives reports on subjects who are actually inmates in any penitentiary facility in New Mexico or who are on parole or probation. Although the returned reports are not extensive or detailed, they contain all the relevant information, including offences, physical description and a picture of the subject. To learn more about the New Mexico Corrections Department, visit their website.

The sex offender registry of the State of New Mexico is organized by the private company WatchSystems LLC. The New Mexico Department of Public Safety uses WatchSystems’ product OffenderWatch, a slick search engine that allows the neighbors in the New Mexico area to check up if there are any sex offenders living in their surroundings. The search engine allows to search by area, name or just to list all non compliant offenders. The returned reports are complete and concise, and they include a picture and a physical description, as well as the offences committed by the subject. To look up the sex offender registry of the State of New Mexico, visit WatchSystems’ webpage for the New Mexico’s Department of Public Safety.

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