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Criminal Records Search

In the State of North Dakota, there are several different ways of performing background checks, although getting legitimate results can be a complicated task. The institutions to go to when it comes to criminal background checking are: the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, a branch of the Attorney General’s Office; the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation; and the North Dakota State Court. The first one is also responsible for managing the sex offender registry for the state of North Dakota.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation doesn’t have an online offender search engine. In order to request any criminal records from this institution, it’s necessary to provide the subject’s full name, date of birth and current address, as well as either their social security number or their fingerprints. The resulting record will be sent via regular mail in about ten to fourteen days. The website of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation states clearly that the reports that they handle are not background checks but criminal history records. If any citizen wants to request the criminal history record of a third party, they must provide an authorization of the subject. Otherwise, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation will notify the subject of the report that their criminal history record has been sent to the requester. Learn more about the Bureau of Criminal investigation through their website.

For background checks of convicted criminals, the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation provides a simple offender search engine. The goal of this tool is not to perform background checks, but to help family and friends of the inmates find them and keep in touch. Being so, the records that the search engine returns are very incomplete. The only information they provide is the name, date of birth, date of release and facility where the inmate is being held, as well as a picture of the subject. The search engine only looks up subjects who are actually held in any correctional facility. In order to use the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s search engine, visit their website.

There is a different’ way of performing background checks is to look up the database of the North Dakota State Court. Even though this database doesn’t provide background checks, but court case records. However, the search engine featured on the North Dakota State Court’s website is powerful and complete. It is possible to look up cases by county, or perform a search using a wide range of parameters. The resulting records don’t include pictures, but the information they provide is exhaustive and complete. It is possible to check the whole dispositions, events and hearings of the court in every case featured. Look up the North Dakota State Court’s database at their web address.

The Attorney General Office is responsible of managing the sex offender registry. The registry’s website features a search engine that allows the user to search for sex offenders by location or risk level. It also includes a list of delinquent offenders, a printable list of all sex offenders and a sex offender notification system. Check the sex offender search engine at the Attorney General Office’s website.

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