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Search for state, county, and municipal criminal records in Oklahoma.

Criminal Records Search

Since 1985, Oklahoma’s Open Records Act ensures that the citizenship can access the criminal records relevant to the state while still protecting the privacy of the subjects of the records. The State of Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation is the institution that manages Criminal History request at a state level. Any citizen of Oklahoma can contact the Bureau to request their own personal Criminal History, or the one belonging to any third party. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections also facilitates criminal research with their Offender Lookup tool.

The Bureau of Investigation has the obligation of assisting the citizens in their requests for criminal records. However, their online presence is not so strong, and the best way of gaining access to their database is by going in person to their offices. The Bureau offers two different types of search: name search and fingerprint search. The former has a fee of $15, the latter of $19. A single name search requested in person can be done in a matter of minutes. All requests made via mail or fax -option not available for fingerprint searches- will be realized in a period of about two weeks. Multiple name searches requested in person will be made during the same day or during the next one. In order to perform a fingerprint search, it’s important to have an authorized fingerprint card, and not to modify it or handle it inappropriately. Learn more about the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation at their website.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections features one of the most interesting, advanced and accurate online inmate search engines of its kind. The Offender Lookup allows the user to search by name, facility, physical appearance, known aliases or even by crime committed. For criminal researchers, this tool is an invaluable asset. The name search allows the use of wildcards -for example, searching the name “Jim*” will also include names like “Jimmy”, or “Jimmie”-, which allows much broader searches. The tool returns concise reports on the subjects. They don’t give away a great deal of details, but all the relevant information, including personal information, known aliases, reason or reasons for conviction, physical description and various pictures with their correspondent dates. It also includes the facility where the inmate is being held or, if the subject is on parole, their address and parole officer contact details. Visit the Oklahoma Department of Corrections by accessing their website to perform searches on their databases.

The Department of Corrections of the State of Oklahoma is also responsible for managing and keeping updated the state’s sex offender registry. As it happens with the Department of Correction’s Offender Lookup, the search engine of the sex offender registry is very complete and advanced, including searches by name, location, physical description or offence committed. All search results come with a link to the map of the area, highlighting the subject’s address. The records returned from the search engine are as complete and exhaustive as expected, giving a great deal of useful information. All the records offer links to the specific statutes that have been broken by the offender, giving an extra insight on the inner workings of Oklahoma’s criminal system. Check out the search engine of the sex offender registry at the Oklahoma Department of Corrections’ website.

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