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The laws of the state of Nevada are very protective of the rights of citizens with criminal records. The availability of the information concerning criminal records is very limited through the official channels. Law enforcement employees have a greater deal of access to that information, even though it’s still not so easy to perform accurate background checks even from that position.

The Records and Technology Division of the Nevada Department of Public Safety is the institution responsible for managing all records concerning criminal history and sex offender registry. The Records Bureau, which is part of the Records and Technology Division, is the place to go when performing criminal background checks.

When trying to access the database of the Records Bureau, the requester is required to present a valid fingerprint card. This transaction has a fee of $21. According to the laws of the state of Nevada, the Records Bureau will only handle a complete criminal report to the same subjects of the report. In the case of the report being requested by a third party, the report will be a limited one. More information can be found at the Nevada DPS.

Nevada’s Department of Corrections offers some access to their inmate database. Archives can be accessed by using the search engine on their database. It is possible to look up for the records of the inmates by name or by offender ID. However, the information that the Nevada Department of Corrections returns is quite limited, including only details such as name, known aliases, general description, parole details and whether the offender has committed prior felonies. The database has a clear disclaimer that informs the user that the data contained in the archive may be incorrect and that using that information by any agency is not advisable. Looking up the database of the Nevada Department of Corrections is possible through their website.

If the information provided by the Records Bureau and the Nevada Department of Corrections is limited and hard to get, the sex offender registry, run by the Department of Public Safety, is quite accessible. The Department of Public Safety’s website has a complete section dedicated to the sex offender registry. There, it is possible to search accurately for sex offenders by name, social security number, address or vehicle license plate. Even though the search engine doesn’t provide any maps or graphical helpers, the information featured is complete and comprehensive. The sex offender reports include name, description, age and a lot of specific details, useful for an accurate background check. In order to look up the sex offender registry of the state of Nevada, visit this website.

Performing an accurate background check at the state of Nevada is not an easy task. The best way of achieving satisfying results is by having the consent of the subject of the report. Using criminal background checks as a way of screening applicants for job positions can prove to be a very complicated strategy.

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